Thirty day challenge – The Law of Attraction; Experience one


“Thank you for the hospitality, the boys and I had a jolly good time.  There was so much laughter and happiness and I am glad the boys spent some time with you”.  I thanked my best friend of fifteen years as we parted ways.  My sons and I had put up in her home for the past few days much to their delight.   “This is a marriage; you and I are joined together at the hip”.   Salome always laughs at this statement when I say it to her and it has proved true time and time again.

Homeward bound, I wasn’t expecting to see anyone that I knew as is the case most of the time that I travel, but it was not to be this time.  I caught a glimpse of Charlene and got very excited!  Charlene is a fellow Rotarian with an extremely colorful energy and If one was to look into her aura, I bet it would consist of a burst of bright colors going in and out of each other.  It’s no wonder I was excited to see her and we immediately started to converse.  The conversation was animated, positive and fun as we spoke about our plans, dreams, Quantum Physics, The Law of Attraction, activities that were happening in our town amongst other subjects.  “You are so full of joy and positivity; how do you manage to keep this attitude up especially with the current state of the economy ?” I asked. “I wasn’t always like this; I used to be angry and unhappy until I learnt how The Law of Attraction works through the movie and book ‘The Secret’.  Since then I am unstoppable”.  I was taken aback as obtaining that particular book had been on my mind and now Charlene was talking about it.  She explained some of the principles which I knew, yet at this moment strongly felt there was more that I needed to catch onto.  “Swing by my workplace and I will lend you both movie and book”.  She said

I sat in front of the TV set in awe and with child-like excitement as I now understood The Law of Attraction in a way that I had not previously understood it.  I now understood Charlene and why she was the way she was.  I shared my excitement with her and she challenged me to read the book as well; She had watched the movie and read the book several times.  I promised myself that I would do the same.  Not only would I do that, I would go into a thirty-day challenge were I would test The Law of Attraction as explained in the book and movie  ‘The Secret’.  I watched it on November the 5th 2018 and since then, I have sent a variety of requests to The Universe in the precise manner that The Law of Attraction should be applied.  I am excited to be using this platform to share the results of this exhilarating journey with you!


After a hard day’s work, I enter my kitchen, pull out a white wine glass and pour myself a glass; Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, it really does not matter to me.  Slowly lifting the glass to my lips, my eyes begin to close in anticipation; the first sip glides down my throat and immediately my entire body relaxes as I take the second, third and fourth sips, the relaxation is absolutely welcome.  I walked into the grocery store to buy a few basic commodities and out of interest decided to check the price of the wine I normally purchase.  I was shocked to find that it had doubled in price!  What this immediately meant was that it would make economic sense for me to buy it across the border in a nearby neighboring country.  This would not be a hassle as I have a friend who goes across several times a week.   As these thoughts were going through my mind, a more interesting and fun one suddenly flashed through: “What if I was to use The Law of Attraction to create experiences were wine would be available to me continuously for a fixed period of time?”  This would become the first way that I would put “The Law of Attraction” to test.


The Law of Attraction works in a precise manner as does the law of gravity or any other law of the universe.  One of the principles of The Law of Attraction states that in order for one to attract that which they desire, they must be in a constant state of joy and gratitude as these are the vibrations that they will emit.  I will explain further:  Everything around us is in a constant state of motion or vibration.  A glass may look still to the naked eye yet if it is placed under a powerful microscope, its’ molecules would be seen to be in constant motion.   Nothing rests, EVERYTHING is in motion, this then translates to the fact that EVERYTHING is ENERGY at the core.  Our bodies are energy as well.  They look solid, yes, yet under a microscope every molecule is in constant motion.  Our thoughts and feelings too are energy and are emitted or come out of us in the form of frequencies much in the same way as radio or TV channels emit frequencies.  If our thoughts are emitted, where do they go to you may ask.  They leave us and go out into our surroundings where they in turn attract similar thoughts, feelings and occurrences and then bring them back to us.  A good example would be a person that constantly speaks about how they are struggling, they in turn emit feelings and thoughts of struggle which go out of them and attract similar feelings and incidents back to them.  This becomes a cycle and keeps them in a constant state of struggle.

The same applies to feelings and thoughts of joy, when one emits them, they attract similar experiences.  If one’s day is going badly, one must look around them for anything that brings about feelings of joy and gratitude.  Is it the bright red flower that is outside your window that makes you smile, is it the thought of your children being in good health, is it the smell of your perfume, is it the fact that just this morning you found a commodity in your grocery store that has been off the shelves for a while?  Literally ANYTHING that brings you joy, this is a discipline at first that eventually becomes a way of life.  One must remain in a spirit of gratitude and joy in order for them to attract that which they desire into their lives.  Positive thoughts and feelings attract the same and negative thoughts and feelings also attract the same.

Now that I have explained this, I will return to my story of wine.  On the evening of November 6th is when I decided the following” I am grateful for the experiences of receiving white wine for the full month of November”.  I altered my mindset to that of joy and gratitude so as to attract my desire.  I was grateful for my flat and how I had got it in spite of accommodation being difficult to find.  It is conveniently located, right in town and comfortable.  I was grateful for my little car that gives me convenience.  I was grateful for my two sons that are healthy and handsome.  I was grateful for my boyfriend who is generous, considerate and attentive.  I was grateful for the showers that had cooled down the extreme temperatures, I was grateful for the freedom I now experienced ever since I left my job.  I was in a constant state of joy and gratitude that came from deep within.  I will add that as I embarked on this journey of joy and gratitude, I realised that there is actually more good than bad around me… yet the focus tends to be on the negative experiences than the positive ones.  Think of Anne Frank, her writings are remembered to this day.  She died in a concentration camp yet she chose to make the best of her experiences in whatever way she could, how inspiring is this!?

I enjoyed being in this state, I was happier and more confident.  On November 7th 2018 at 13:06 which was the very next afternoon, I was requested to engage in a project that required that I sample drink and food in different restaurants.  Three guesses to the drink I chose as I undertook this task, the white wine of course!  The Law of Attraction had started to work in less than twenty-four hours!  With increased gratitude and joy I prepared myself to set off on this task.  Not only was I enjoying the project, I met and made conversation with interesting people from restaurant to restaurant, enjoyed the beautiful sights around and even started on this blog article.  I was living and experiencing life!

A budding friendship was in the pipeline.  I had met this wonderful woman about a year ago at a restaurant I was working in.  Her aura was that of a strong, steady, sure, happy woman, a kindred spirit.  We started hanging out more after I stopped work at the restaurant and it was always pleasant. “Let us have a bottle of wine and watch the sunset at this beautiful spot I know of” she extended an invitation.  On November the 9th, we sipped on a good bottle of white wine courtesy of my dear friend whilst watching the sunset, Buffalo, Giraffe and Elephant taking turns at the watering hole within the Victoria Falls National Park.  The Law of Attraction was working and giving me much more than I had asked for, it was giving me experiences and my joy and gratitude knew no limits.  Within days of applying The Law of Attraction, what I asked for had started to occur.  More continues to take place and I am excited to be sharing this with you as I go on.  I will venture on to say that there are other principles that I practised that work in tandem with joy and gratitude… continue to watch this space as I share more of my experiences and understanding over the next thirty days!

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