Thirty day challenge – The Law of Attraction: Experience Two

Law of Attraction


From the moment they met, Carol felt the intensity of Mitch’s interest in her.  It was not so much what he said or did, it was his attentiveness which felt like a warm winter sunshine.  He listened when she spoke and complimented her on her beauty in a quiet and subtle way; she definitely felt his interest.  They met at intervals as they lived in different parts of the world, he was a good man but she wasn’t ready for more.

Mitch and Carol had been introduced by a mutual friend who felt that they would be good for each other and indeed they were similar in character.  From time to time he would communicate with her from the distant land which was his abode and she would always oblige him.  She spoke of her ambitions, dreams and all that was happening around her.  He spoke of the distant land he had recently moved to but mostly asked about her life.  The manner in which he was attentive and calm was quite an attraction for her… yet she still wasn’t ready.  Two years went by in this fashion and eventually Carol was taken in completely.  You see she was a sapiosexual, attracted by a man’s intellect, mind and behaviour.


Several times a year Mitch would come down and they would spend time together.  She always felt safe and secure with him as he possessed the ‘protector’ aura.  She basked in the glory of his attentiveness as he cared for her material and mental well-being.  Their relationship went through the normal ups and downs and sometimes she acted out much to his annoyance. Whilst in the distant land, he would communicate with her and at times they would spend hours in a day over the phone, Carol was happy.


Their relationship turned a year old and what should’ve been an exciting time that signified growth became a time of anxiety as it seemed that he was pulling away from the relationship.  This in turn caused her to become clingy and needy and it became quite apparent that their relationship had changed.  This shift ensued for several months causing further degeneration of their relationship.  In spite of all that was happening, he continued to communicate with her on a daily basis and she always looked forward to hearing from him as she loved him and he too loved her.



Having read a book, Carol had recently come into the understanding of the workings of “The Law of Attraction” and decided to apply its’ principles to resuscitate her dying relationship.  The first principle is that of joy and gratitude and she shifted her mindset from complaining and unhappiness to that of being joyful and grateful for every good experience encountered in her life both great and small.  This instantly changed her mood and made her happier throughout the day.  The second principle is that of visualisation and I will explain how this works.  Alongside joy and gratitude, one has to visualise that which they desire.  For instance, Carol would take time out to go into a place of quiet and peace, close her eyes and visualise exactly how she wanted her relationship to be.  She held that image in her mind until it was absolutely clear.  The image was of them looking into each other’s eyes longingly, him smiling from ear to ear whilst they interacted, the two of them enjoying the other’s company when next he came down and him ensuring that she was taken care of mentally and materially as this had become erratic.  As she visualised this, she imagined how she would feel as all this positive activity took place.  She smiled and laughed through the visualisation and even shouted “I LOVE YOU!” excitedly.  It was as though this was all happening in real time, in the present!  It is very important that feelings be accompanied with the visualisation.  Feelings are the very substance of the vibrations that are sent out into the universe.  When one feels excited, they send out vibrations of excitement which in turn attract back to them experiences of excitement.  Visualisation informs the subconscious mind of what you are wishing for in images and the subconscious is then able to direct these images to the Universe which will in turn bring back similar experiences.

The results were instantaneous for Carol as she began to visualise & feel and practice joy & gratitude, her attitude became more upbeat towards Mitch.  She would greet him with enthusiasm and have upbeat conversations with him and this was coming from a truly happy place.  She started putting effort in dressing herself up and looking more attractive for him for their video calls, it was as though God was actually telling her what to do in order to restore their relationship.  She would take pretty pictures of herself and send them to him as he had always enjoyed her beauty.  He was instantly responsive and the two started to laugh a lot together, make conversation and talk about when next they would see each other.  He became open to her mentally and materially once again and this was even better than their initial experience!  Carol used the principles of The Law of Attraction to win back her man and it tasted even better than it had before!

2 thoughts on “Thirty day challenge – The Law of Attraction: Experience Two

  1. Interesting read. Draws you in. Very well written. Does it always follow that if I do the visualization technique I’ll save my relationship? What if he just doesn’t want anymore or rather, the relationship has run it’s course? How do I know when its worth doing this?

    1. Thank you Noreen, I am glad you enjoyed the read and what makes it all the more special is that it is a true story! When one begins to apply The Law of Attraction, two things happen. Firstly one begins to change, their thoughts and actions begin to align with what they are desiring if they were previously not in alignment. This happens through instructions and revelations they receive from within themselves. One begins to see where they need to improve and other actions to be taken to get what they desire; Secondly, situations around them begin to work and align in their favour.

      The Law of Attraction is about clearly stating what you desire, visualising it, putting feeling into it, putting out a spirit of joy and gratitude and speaking of it in the present tense. You must imagine that you already have what you are asking for. The Law of Attraction is more than just visualisation, it is putting into practise all the above mentioned; you may want to read my previous article on joy and gratitude. You can use it to resuscitate your relationship, just be prepared to listen to and put into action the instructions your inner voice gives you as you go on.

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