A few days ago, I took a walk with my children to the nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food outlet.  As we walked, my 4 year old hop scotched excitedly and my 9 year old and l discussed a highly positive dream he’d had a few weeks ago.  We arrived at the outlet, made our order and sat down to eat.  I consistently make it a point to research on people that have made it to the top and then read their stories to my 9 year old.  This is done in an effort to inspire him and teach him the value of hard work and determination.  We sat at the fast food outlet ready to dig in and I could not help but notice the pictures that adorned the walls.  Pictures of Colonel Sanders in his crisp white suit going about KFC business.  This was to be the next story for my 9 year old.  The next day I called him into my room and read the story of Colonel Sanders to him.  His father passed away when he was 5 years old… he dropped out of school at some point… had left 4 jobs by age 17… married at 19… wife left him when he was 20 years old… attempted unsuccessfully to kidnap his daughter… decided to commit suicide at the age of 65.  As Colonel Sanders sat down under a tree to write his will, he begun instead to write the things he could have accomplished in his life.  He then realized that the one thing that he was undoubtedly skilled at was making great chicken.  He took a loan of USD87 and started to sell chicken door to door at age 65.  With persistence and focus KFC was born and by age 88 he was a millionaire.  My son was fascinated as I read the story.  He scrolled through the images of Colonel Sanders on the internet and asked me questions.  Then as every child would, happily bounced off to play thereafter.  Later on in the day, my 4 year old asked me: “Mom, why did God create us?”  A profound question coming from a four year old.  The theme of this write-up is focused on that question:

I have come to know through my own self introspection and by looking at the lives of the greats that we all bear talents and gifts.  As we interact with the world, we gain skills and abilities too.  We are meant to put these talents, skills and abilities to use in order to affect the lives of other people around us positively.  Our light is meant to bring joy to other people and encourage them to find out who they themselves are.  Colonel Sanders eventually enjoyed success, yet he had to take time to self-introspect and find out what it is that he was talented at.  Likewise we all must take a step back and look at what has been deposited into us by God / The Active Force / Infinite Intelligence, however we call him.  One must also consider the skills that they have honed along life’s journey.  When we then begin to make use of our talents and skills, we begin to act on the whole reason why we are on this earth.  “God created us to use the goodness that he put into us to make this world a better place” I answered my four year old.

21 thoughts on ““MOM, WHY DID GOD CREATE US?”

  1. Well done Michelle!

    This journey of yours was long coming to fruition. We are indeed here on this beautiful earth to make an impact on our lives, the lives of others and, in so many ways those around us impact on our lives too.

    Keep the momentum and passion going. All the very best.

    Anald Musonza
    A.Musonza Investments Ltd

  2. Beautiful story. I needed to hear this on a day like this when I don’t know my purpose and doubt your very existence.
    Old as I am I didn’t know Colonel Sanders’ story. I’ve been schooled 😉

    1. Hi Taurai Munikwa. I am glad that the story of Colonel Sanders has made an impact on you. I wish you all the very best in discovering your purpose. You will not regret your journey.

  3. Beautiful story. I needed to hear this on a day like this when I don’t know my purpose and doubt my very existence.
    Old as I am I didn’t know Colonel Sanders’ story. I’ve been schooled

  4. Indeed God created us so that we could multiply in the fruitfulness that He inculcated within us. How do know we are doing or (at best)being what God created us for, would be my question to the next person..

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