Most of us are fairly aware of the sixth sense, we acknowledge it but vaguely so.   Not surprising because growing up, we were taught that we have five senses and the sixth sense would be mentioned as an afterthought.  The five senses are tangible and so one readily understands them.  The sixth sense however is not tangible.  It is spiritual in its’ nature and therefore explaining or readily embracing it may be difficult.

The sixth sense is called by a number of names:  Intuition, God’s voice, instinct, hunch, and sensitivity.  It is defined as “The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning”.  “A thing one knows or consider likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.  “From these translations, one deduces that the sixth sense is a strong inner feeling that directs us in a certain direction.  We do not always understand why that inner feeling is steering us in that particular direction and the answers often come to us after the passing of the event.  We find we are either grateful for the protection we would have received due to its’ guidance or thankful for the positive results achieved again due to its guidance.  With such benefits reaped through listening to our intuition, can we really afford to leave it as an afterthought and not make more of an effort to explore it?

The bible states that Enoch was a friend of God; we learn that he walked with God.  This means that Enoch listened and acted upon his intuition because this was the voice of God.  He learnt to understand and recognize God’s voice talking to him and giving him instruction.  A great friendship is characterized by two way communication, so this means that Enoch talked to God as well.  He let God know his feelings, wishes, hopes, desires and fears, this is what is often called prayer  and God answered him right back through intuition or the sixth sense.  God and Enoch became so in sync that we learn that he did not die but he “walked right into heaven”.  This phrase displays the strength of their relationship.

The sixth sense is a voice that we all need to listen to more; this is how the Force of the Universe or God speaks to us.  This is how we receive guidance on issues we otherwise would have handled badly.  Intuition applies to every human being regardless of their race or creed, It is a universal language.  We are better off praying as Enoch did and then opening up our hearts to the answers that often come through the sixth sense.  I must add that intuition gets stronger when one cultivates the habit of listening to it regularly just as a relationship gets stronger with communication.

God or Infinite Intelligence knows far more about our lives and this universe than we do, so the next time you get that hunch or strong inner feeling… be open to it.


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