Change is not easy.  Shifting from a place of comfort and familiarity to the murky waters of the unknown is a challenge; yet there comes a time when one knows from deep down within that they can no longer remain the same.  The factors that compel one to change vary:  from the need for a better quality of life, to the deep desire to achieve a goal.  Something shocking may happen in one’s life which in turn summons them to change their lifestyle for the better.  A leadership role may be thrust upon one and they must embrace it immediately.  Whatever the reason may be, most of us will agree that leaving the place of familiarity is not a walk in the park.

As we go through the process of change, there are steps that can help see us through to the other side:


It must be CRYSTAL CLEAR what one is changing from and into.  An example is that one could firmly decide that they would like to leave behind the hand to mouth lifestyle and enter into a lifestyle of abundance.  They are crystal clear where they are coming from and most importantly where they are going.  Clarity helps one keep their eye squarely and strictly on the end goal when going through change.  When presented with a number of options and choices a person that is clear where they are going will pick only the choices that will help them achieve their goal.

Listen to your own voice 

When going through change of any sort, one may be tempted to tell everyone that comes their way of the process that they are going through.  This attracts advice and comments that come in different shapes and forms and may lead to confusion.  This may also attract the naysayers and ridicule which will eventually work in derailing progress.  During the period of change, one needs to dig deep within them and be very sensitive to their OWN inner voice.  That inner voice is also known as intuition or the sixth sense.  Learn to recognise your inner voice in the same way you would recognise the voice of a loved one.  This is achieved by practising the art of listening to and ACTING UPON your inner voice.   Never dismiss it, because it knows and recognises the intangible and spiritual forces that the physical being is not sensitive to.

Spend time in solitude

Spend time in prayer or speaking to the Universe with great concentration and focus.  Relay your fears, challenges, desires and ANYTHING else that is important to you.  ‘Feel’ every phrase that you put out and close your eyes if you must for greater concentration.  Remember you are alone, there are no other people around you and so you can be as vulnerable as you wish.  You can cry, you can vent out your frustrations, you can be joyful, however way you feel.  Spending this time alone with God or Infinite Intelligence helps you to dig deep inside your soul.  It also helps one to put out or let out exactly what is inside in all truth and honesty without the fear of being judged.  This kind of honest letting out or praying is what sets the wheels in motion for your desires to come to fruition.

Read or listen to constructive and relevant material

Feed your soul with material that will encourage your growth whilst you go through change.  Crossing over successfully requires that you pour all of your energy into the process; you can never leave anything to chance.  Whether it is an audio book, or a group of people that you meet and discuss with, let it be constructive information ONLY.  You CANNOT afford to feed your soul with even just an ounce of negativity as this will deter progress.  The process of change is difficult enough already without adding any negativity to it.

Abstain from that which makes you feel bad, but if you do fall…

The period of change is a crucial time to stay away from anything or anyone that makes one feel negative.  One could be trying to break away from a bad habit and an associate suggests that you revisit the past and they may mean well.  Engaging in the bad habit may leave you feeling bad and as though you have taken ten steps backwards in your journey towards change.  If you make a mistake, give yourself time to feel the remorse or to mourn the mistake and then quickly pick yourself up and move on.  What is crucial is to MOVE ON, with this kind of spirit you are bound to reach your destination.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. – SOCRATES

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”. – GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

“Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays”. – SOREN KIERKEGAARD

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